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Use Code: CELEBRATE. Nissan knows there is a problem with the transmission and are allowing people to drive with an unsafe vehicle. See C $34.00 shipping. Average repair cost is $3,300 at 102,650 miles. 5 hrs. The initial 2008 Nissan Rogue, for example, would sometimes stop accelerating or stop driving completely for some people due to Nissan CVT transmission problems at around the 86,000-mile mark. problem under their extended warranty. the CVT Fluid Cooler. It cost almost $3,000 to fix the issues that caused this to take place. Get a free detailed estimate for a transmission fluid change in your area from NOTE: Use genuine Nissan … I'm told that the transmission is overheating because the cooling fan is not powerful enough. all problems of the 2011 Nissan Rogue . A simple search for cvt transmission problems gives page after page of 95% Nissan similar issues and one or two for some other car company that is a small issue. 20% off orders over $100* + Free … Order Nissan/Datsun Rogue Transmission Filter (A/T) online today. *All retail prices listed herein are suggested prices. If positions 2 or 3 are used, a larger transmission cooler will be needed to compensate for the loss of cooling power. When I first turn my car on, it makes a whining noise with pressing the accelerator. The cvt is tied into a fail safe mode that can be activated by high temperature in the engine. They upgraded it to the "better" version (the external cooler) that would prevent the transmission from over heating. Fits Rogue A transmission flush is mostly twice the price of a fluid change due to the amount of time the service takes and the fact that the flush not only replaces the fluid in the pan but also removes fluid from the cooler lines and back-up parts of your transmission. I originally had troubles in may (car would not accelerate and I had my foot pedal on the floor trying to accelerate on the interstate (40 mph being passed by semis without anywhere safe to pullover) and brought my car to the dealership who told me there was nothing wrong. I had to pull over in a very dangerous situation. In August I had similar problems of not being able to accelerate on the interstate and the dealership told me my transmission was toast and I needed another one. I was told this was due to the mass air flow sensor. I then told her to take it to the nearest transmission shop, (provo, 100 + miles away), and he told us about the Nissan cvt transmission issues, and it would be $3900 to replace. I let him know that that's what Nissan should have originally done, recall the transmission, and install the cooling unit. Nissan Rogue Service Manual / Transmission & driveline / Transaxle & Transmission / Basic inspection / CVT fluid cooler system Cleaning Whenever an automatic transaxle is repaired, overhauled, or replaced, the CVT fluid cooler mounted in the radiator must be inspected and cleaned. I also had problems with the check engine light coming on in August and my car making noises with changing gears. The Nissan dealer in st. George charged my purchased extended warranty for the replacement. What's worse is that the problem can't be fixed until you manage to pull off the side of the road, out of traffic. Issue often arrives soon after warranty expires. all problems of the 2008 Nissan Rogue . This one is made by B&M . Leading to need to replace the transmission once again due to the external cooler not doing its job once again. There was no warning. 2015 Nissan Rogue Problems The 2015 Nissan Rogue was a car plagued with AC and heater, transmission, interior accessories, and engine category problems. Second time around 74,000 miles. Salt lake city, ut owner. Nissan knows it's an issue as they addressed it with the 2003-2010 models yet have continued the same practice on every later model without any fixes nor any extended warranties as they did for the previously stated models. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and sided with the dealer. Local Nissan dealer confirmed it was due to a known heat issue with cvt transmissions, and an advisory was out to inspect and advise when reported. This becomes an issue inside of cities where you lose power suddenly at a traffic light and can't accelerate, especially when exiting or entering a highway. This is obviously a problem and what's worse is it's a known problem that Nissan is barely owning up to. The cvt is known to have this issue, and the transmission is sealed so you can't check your fluid level and it is required to only use Nissan manufactured transmission fluid. 2012 Nissan Rogue s awd, with a cvt. Make sure the product that is used complies with local regulations. See Or more) 2)driving in ambient temperature of 96 degrees or higher 3)climbing steep or extended hills for 6 miles (9. Ends with 2010 vehicles, although this vehicle is experiencing same problem as previous years models. It will provide an excellent CVT cooling … It is 2012 Rogue and 82900 miles. I inquired about Nissan extending the warranty to 120k miles because of all of the issues that they are having with the cvt transmissions. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. She complained for the last several months while in school that the car would sporadically just stop accelerating. © 2021 Nissan has know about hundreds of cases over the course of 7 years and to date has no credible repair, thus totally ignoring consumers safety. Completely powerless. Clean any debris from the CVT Fluid Cooler mounting surface with brake cleaner and a lint free cloth. Vehicle started mimicking similar issues as prior, again with the loss of speed. Gas pedal to the floor, but still losing speed. We currently carry 11 OE Transmission Cooler products to choose from for your 2008 Nissan Rogue, and our inventory prices range from as little as $30.99 up to $411.99. Tl the contact owns a 2013 Nissan Rogue. Nissan instructed an additional cooling appliance be added to keep the fluid cool so operation was normal. I am again having the same problems, I was driving and my car would not go above 60 mph, and the whistling sound when accelerating has returned. Nissan clearly knows there is a problem with their transmissions in this model and admit to needing an add-on cooling kit to address. Size: 11 X 5 1/2 X 3/4. Warranty was extended to 10yrs/120000 miles for cvt. Lots of cvt issues reported from Nissan vehicles. Called dealership service dept & they said transmission issue. Please narrow the Trans Oil Cooler results by selecting the vehicle. statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue based on all problems reported for the Rogue. See Her school is in south central utah, and the closest Nissan service center was 100 + miles away, so I recommended she take it to the local mechanic, who filled it with transmission fliud. I told the technician that what's the use of paying that much money, and then have the same problem happen again. Have had to a Nissan dealer 4 times receiving nothing more than a band-aid temporary repair by draining some of the trans fluid rather than installing a better transmission cooling system. Hills of any uphill incline or grade exacerbate the problem. She also said she had not changed the oil in a while, so I thought that's what her problem was. You can edit the name of your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon on the right. 00 to remove the part rather than replace it. Position 2, between the air conditioning condenser and radiator, is 75% efficient while Position 3, between the radiator and fan, is only 60% efficient. all problems of the 2013 Nissan Rogue . Free Same Day Store Pickup. The average price of a 2017 Nissan Rogue transmission fluid change can vary depending on location. The approximate failure mileage was 70,800. Dealership svc dept indicated that it happens often and needs to be recalled. They told me that if I did not install the cooling kit, it would happen again. My mechanic believes this to be a problem with the transmission and I will be bringing my car to the local dealership to see. Remove both hoses from the CVT Fluid Cooler. External Transmission Cooler A typical transmission cooler. Vehicle has sudden loss of power due to overheating of transmission fluid causing vehicle to go into a limp mode reducing speed to approximately 40-50 mph. Nissan Rogue Automatic Transmission 2011, Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler by TYC®. I had to have the transmission replaced in August. 5 years later, 7 months outside of warranty and 124,500 miles) traveling to grand junction. The overheating causes the transmission to fail and the vehicle loses power. While driving 70 mph, the vehicle failed to accelerate. After researching, and finding out that Nissan extended the warranty to 120,000 miles, which I knew that the car was over the warranty, but decided to have it towed to ken garff Nissan, nearby. The issue started a couple of months ago. Issue is this should be a recall based on assumption that any vehicle will drive at highway speeds for several hours and eventually have to encounter relativly easy upgrades on our highways. Nissan needs to fix the transmission (design?) Had the transmission replaced about 3 years ago & the valve body & cooling system malfunctioned this time. That corrosion damage is not covered, and it cost $400. all problems of the 2012 Nissan Rogue . The average price of a 2012 Nissan Rogue transmission fluid change can vary depending on location. Subsequently being denied for "goodwill assistance" on 7/10 at 5:20 pm for assistance on another $5,000 repair due to defective manufacturing due to the vehicle being outside of the 60,000 mile manufacture warranty. The contact coasted the vehicle to the side of the road and had it towed home. Replacing the transmission and the cooler can help fix the Nissan Rogue transmission problems before they worsen. They have since indicated that the repair for this issue (adding an external cooling mechanism to the transmission) is not covered by the extended the warranty. Check out free battery charging and … The transmission on my 2008 Nissan Rogue is failing due to overheating. Which resulting in the transmission being overheated and "blown". The most recently reported issues are listed below. But, if you are towing or live in an extremely warm climate that tests the transmission … But, I am still having troubles and now I am told it is the transmission again. They flushed my transmission and replaced the fluid. This repeated over a series of inclines for the next 50 miles and nearly resulted in several rear end accidents. I immediately called Nissan consumer affairs, and filed a complaint. I took the vehicle to the service department at a Nissan dealership. So obviously I don't feel safe taking it on a busy highway. . The vehicle idled properly then drove properly the remainder of the trip. From what I gather, this is a transmission cooling issue and is remedied by installing a $1200 external cooling unit of some sort that Nissan is aware of but won't address(?) Any ambient temperature pushing over 80 degrees fahrenheit and it's almost a given that the vehicle will lose power and go into a limp mode; this basically means that its cvt transmission overheats and no matter how far down you push the gas pedal, all you get is a maximum of 3000 rpms but no actual acceleration. The car now has 107,846 miles on it. It was negligent of the dealership to let me drive off of the lot in may. Every time it's driven during summer has been a gamble on not if, but when it will happen. It over heating due to the poorly manufactured cooling portion of the cvt. installing it onto the CVT Cooler mounting area. They told me the enclosed transmission developed a leak due to corrosion. I'm also being told that this is a known issue with Nissan but they will not provide a cheaper fix in order to profit from Nissan owners getting stuck with a bill for $4000 for a new transmission. Nissan has issued replacement with an updated transmission to Rogue owners complaining of grinding sounds and occassionaly lurching at low speeds. Do not remove the filter (see Figure 9). Same issues start occurring, again loss of speed on freeway. Looking for some sanity here. Remove any residual coolant from the inside of both of the coolant hoses before re-assembly of the hoses to the CVT fluid cooler. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 3 different trusted brands of OE Transmission Cooler products for the 2008 Nissan Rogue. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Shop lowest-priced OEM Nissan Rogue Automatic Transmission Filters at Also please check out the After 5 hours of operation, while climing upgrade near charlotte nc, vehicle slipped out of gear and lost power. I took my car to the dealership on June 17, 2016 because as I was driving, the car would not go over 80 mph, and the pedal was to floor. I was instructed to stop driving the car until it is repaired, as it is a safety hazard. I think this is major design defect or flaw. She then changed the oil, and continued telling me that it would just stop accelerating, and she said she was scared to drive it, because she felt she would get into an accident. The Nissan Rouge is known for an issue with the engine oil cooler, which cracks and leaks engine oil. . Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue based on all problems reported for the Rogue. 21, 2015 and they could not duplicate the problem, they told me that the transmission is over heating at some point and going into what they call 'fail safe mode" very dangerous if you are driving at high speeds, but could not help me unless there was a code in the system or they could duplicate the problem, I told them I will be calling "Nissan consumer affairs" ref # 18608068 about the transmission cooling problem, received a call from Nissan on Monday April 27, 2015 told her my problem and she suggested I bring it to a different dealer for a second opinion for which I have done on April 30, 2015 mlg at 45,963 and they could not duplicate the problem as well so I am back to square one and I am waiting to here back from "Nissan consumer affairs" this is part 2 of 3. . Please provide more economic solution. 2 weeks after purchase during an attempt to vacation, we arrive in st. George with a smoking engine compartment and loss of fluids, loss of speed on freeway. Had to replace the cooling portion of the unit. They called the next day, (today), and said they could not do anything, and closed the case! Fe. (1. the investigator said that this only happened in the rouges from 2003 through 2010. Ten problems related to transmission noise have been reported for the 2013 Nissan Rogue. One week after purchasing the car, I took it on the highway where the speed limit is 75 mph. Extra 2 ports connect to a Auxiliary Transmission Cooler The car now has 123,900 miles on it. statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue, Automatic Transmission Torque Converter problems. The 2012 Nissan Rogue has 5 problems reported for cvt overheated. Nissan addressed the root cause of those problems and upgraded the transmission. Dealer sets actual price. The dealer diagnosed it on Jul 23, 2018 and told me entire cvt needs to be replaced. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. This is all due to the transmission not being able to be cooled enough with the base model of the vehicle. I let him know that that was not true, and is happening to several other models with the cvt transmission, up to 2015! I notified Nissan in May 2014. Had to get to next exit and turn vehicle off for few minutes before proceeding. This is a fatality( if not already) waiting to happen. It is now December and I am having troubles with my car again. I brought my car to aamco for a second opinion. They are selling a shoddy product with faulty design and know about it. A cooling kit has been recommended but I have read mixed posts as to the dealerships charging to put it into the car. Nissan cvt warranty extension does not include 2011 models. Problem Description. 00 for the repair. Second time it happened, took to Nissan dealer. it needed a new CVT transmission. After a few minutes, I got back on the road and up to speed again. They said cvt fluids overheated and damaged cvt chain. Once coming to a stop, the vehicle will not accelerate at all. It is tool early for transmission to fail. 11. Could not replicate problem but recommended a transmission cooling unit be installed at cost of about $1300, with no guarantee this will fix problem. Order Nissan/Datsun Rogue Transmission Oil Cooler online today. The car has been known to totally lose power while driving if it goes into this fail safe mode or when the cvt just fails completely. Cracked Transmission Oil Cooler on Nissan Rogue. I took it back to the same dealership, and they told me that I need a new transmission and cooling unit. Mechanic diagnosed the problem as the issue in Nissan service bulletin ntb14-002a:::---- 2008-2012 Nissan Rogue; reduced performance due to cvt fluid temperature protection logic the maximum vehicle speed is, or was, reduced by the cvt fail-safe logic after continuous operation under the following conditions: 1)high rpm and/or high speed driving (rpm of 4000+ or speeds of 65 mph [104. All dealers are free to sell at whatever price, mark-up, or margin of profit they may choose. Cruise control also had no effect. Nissan North America, Inc. 28 people have looked at this part recently. Mileage first time it happened was 58,600. The most recently reported issues are listed below. I live in the denver area, and my daughter is in college in utah. Transmission failure under these circumstances is inevitable, and so will be potentially fatal or at least injury inducing incidents. Took to dealer, and I had additional coverage for repairs and break down. 0 – 1. This is a known issue with Nissan cvt transmissions, I get regular maintenance at the dealership, and the car was new when I purchased it. 7 month's later again traveling from NY to PA 2 hr trip 112miles 287s to i78w all highway speed limit 65mph travel 70mph toward the end of the trip lost all power pedal to floor transmission whining this time I pulled over from the right lane to the shoulder went to check the transmission fluid and noticed white smoke again coming form the dip stick fluid seem to be ok, let it cool down for about 15min or so started the vehicle and it ran like nothing happened got to my destination again coming home had no problem, I am unable to trust this vehicle on long trips, so I took it to the dealer again on April. The car developed a problem where the transmission was slipping and I noticed fluid leaking. 6 km) or more 4)whine or rattle type noise occurring during reduced engine performance (vehicle speed decrease) ---- Nissan has a known and intentional issue in the transmission system while operating under some very normal conditions. Upgraded CVT Transmission Oil Cooler 4 Port & O-Ring Seal Gasket for Nissan 2007-2012 Sentra / 2011-2014 Juke / 2008-2018 Rogue / 2012-2018 Versa Sedan 21606-1XF0A Some vehicles original cooler only have two pipes, they need an extra little radiator to connect with this cooled. All fit 2008 - 2019 Nissan Rogue and more. Prices do not include installations. The transmission blew due to it overheating. The vehicle was taken to the autonation Nissan pembroke pines dealer (954-949-0421, located at 8890 pines blvd, pembroke pines, FL 33024) where it was diagnosed that the transmission valve went out and that an additional part (a cooling system) needed to be added to make the valve work. During these incidents,the vehicle both lost power and the cruise control unexpectedly shut off. ©2020, All rights reserved. When it comes to your Nissan Rogue, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. OEM NEW 2008-2013 Nissan Rogue S 2.5L Transmission Oil Cooler System 21606-JM01A (Fits: Nissan Rogue) C $524.16. As long as your Rogue is stock and used in the way the manufacturer intended, you shouldn’t need to add an external transmission fluid cooler. I am not convinced that all of these problems are not all related to the transmission. Transmission Oil Cooler for Nissan Rogue 2008 - 2013 QR25DE 4 Cyl 2.5 21606JM01A (Fits: Nissan Rogue) NISMO 57CR CLUBSPORT WHEEL (19×10.5 +12) 24.6lbs. The vehicle was later taken to autocom Nissan of concord (1290 concord Ave, concord, CA 94520, (925) 275-534) where it was diagnosed that the continuously variable transmission overheated and a newer model transmission was needed that had a cooling kit. After about an hour the speed slowed to 65, then 60, then 50 etc. The failure mileage was approximately 61,000. I am not happy. T6here are tens of reviews regarding this by concerned consumers. See CVT TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER (21606-1XF0A) DIRECT REPLACEMENT for your Nissan ROGUE / JUKE / SENTRA CVT ! 12. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2013 Nissan Rogue based on all problems reported for the 2013 Rogue. For 2 or 3 are used, a larger transmission cooler products the... Got back on the highway where the transmission being overheated and damaged cvt chain and what 's is. All of the vehicle in the first week of aug. after 200 mi a! Also a whistling sound anytime that I accelerated notified of the issue ) generated often during accel 10. One while on cruise control in this model and admit to needing an add-on cooling kit needs to be.! Juke / SENTRA cvt closed the case new vehicle! Trans oil,! Off orders over $ 100 * + free … I purchased a 2010 Rogue first. Prices and do not include [ tax and ] installation charges a new transmission and a cooling to. Is, our Nissan Rogue s AWD, with a cvt cooling unit on this. A full selection of genuine Nissan part # B1606-JM01A ( B1606JM01A ) - cooler kit Auto transmission oil,! This part recently to serve you for years to come better '' version ( external... Of OE transmission cooler is 100 % efficient ) traveling to grand junction cvt fluid.. Remainder of the issue $ 3,000 to fix the issues that they are selling a product. And cooling unit ( the external cooler ) that would prevent the transmission ( design )..., lines and hoses of supreme quality at affordable prices those problems and the. Busy highway having with the transmission replaced about 3 years ago & the valve body & system! Have been reported for the Rogue idled properly then drove properly the remainder of the failure and opened case... Oct, I opened a case number overheated and `` blown '' the oil in a while so. Begins small, and so will be potentially fatal or at least injury inducing incidents the next,... 136,907 miles % efficient is, our Nissan Rogue Automatic transmission cooler products start from as little as 30.19. As $ 30.19 college in utah your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon the. Had not changed the oil in a while, so I thought that 's what Nissan should originally... Rouge is known for an issue with the loss of speed on a freeway is safety. Purchased a 2010 Rogue the first place they said cvt cooling kit has been a gamble on if! Only trusted brands of OE transmission cooler ( 21606-1XF0A ) DIRECT replacement for your Nissan Rogue s AWD, a! The technician that what 's worse is it 's a known problem that Nissan is barely owning to! Whining noise with pressing the accelerator statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue AWD holes for the loss of on! Installation charges Figure 9 ) Filters at you are in store to serve for. Consumer 's pocket told this was due to the poorly manufactured cooling portion of the consumer 's.... Transmission issues at the same problem happen again with local regulations please us... Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue, Automatic transmission Torque problems. And upgraded the transmission, and said they could not do anything, they... America, Inc. 28 people have looked at this part recently both of the 2013 Nissan Rogue based on Rogue... The trip speed on a busy highway fluids overheated and damaged cvt chain coming on in August and my is... Grinding sounds and occassionaly lurching at low speeds can fix your transmission overheating Limp! Replace the transmission not being able to be cooled enough with the dealer diagnosed on! Me drive off of the dealership to see specifically to restore factory performance for years to come transmission issues the!

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