low heat portland cement advantages

It has a small amount of tricalcium aluminate and a high percentage of dicalcium silicate. 2. Uses of Low Heat Cement: 1. We will respond as soon as possible. It is not suitable applied in low-temperature areas, and it is not used for small construction projects like residential construction because of its high price. Under this circumstances, the low heat cement or low heat portland cement can be effectively used. This is because these compounds are known to liberate a very high amount of heat during hydration. Except for low heat Portland cement, AGICO also offers other Portland cement solutions. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email. The adiabatic temperature rise of low heat cement is 5-10 ℃ lower than moderate heat cement and ordinary Portland cement. In this article we discuss about the composition, properties, characteristics, uses and advantages of low heat cement. The chemical composition of low heat cement: A low percentage (5%) of tricalcium aluminate (C3A) A higher percentage (46%) of declaiming silicate (C2S). The free calcium oxide is less than 1.0%. Slab Punching Design Excel Sheet According ACI318-08 Download sheet. Advantages of PPC in Hardened Concrete. 1. It has excellent long term strength and great chemo-resistance. LH,Email

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